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Friday, December 09, 2005

Hayden is a beautiful person...

Terrence Howard on filming Awake.

"They're popular people, but the beautiful thing
is that they're beautiful artists," Terrence Howard
said of Jessica Alba and Hayden Christensen,
his co-stars in the upcoming drama "Awake." "[They] had
that dream like any other 6-year-old that says, 'I don't
want to be a star, but I want to be in the movie business.'
That's their calling."

(Hayden on Awake set)
Now the three are pursuing their callings together on
the high-concept film, currently filming for a 2006 release.
"Imagine being operated on and being awake in the middle of
the operation, but not being able to move; being conscious of
it," Howard said of the film's plot. "It's called anesthetic
awareness,and it happens probably about 60 percent of the time.
There are some who are able to recall what's taken place
— that's what that's about." ...
(from mtv.com -movie news)


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