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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Hayden to meet Sienna's folks

Sienna Miller is so besotted with Hayden
she's bringing her parents over to the US
to meet him!
This is all going very fast!


At Wednesday, February 01, 2006, Blogger FabianaSabina said...

Oh my God!! Do you think they'll got married???????
Poor young man, wait!!! I believe you're too charming for wedding. And too busy!!!!
Dearest Mary, it seems I couldn't be able to show the photo I want on my blog... but I'll try and try again!! Many thanks indeed for your help!!! You are so kind to me.
Was it so cold there? Here it was a wonderful day: a bit hot - but just during the central hours! And it was sunny... that's the important thing!!
See you soon Mary!!


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